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Saye Collective Artist Residency invites artists and researchers from different disciplines to deepen their practice, get inspired for new projects, or find a new direction for their ongoing projects.

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The resident artists practice and produce in relation to Saye Collective’s yearly chosen theme.

The theme for 2023 is AYIP (eyb in Arabic).

Ayıp is the one-word expression of a systemic culture of prohibition, a social term entwined with fear. It is a word that is identified with morality, that is not objective, differs from person to person and in time/place, cannot be translated into different languages, and plays into the hands of patriarchy.

Compared to the restrictiveness of the word ayıp, his free spirit is rather ironic; it has spread to all areas of life: how we sit, get up, think, talk, laugh, and dress; it has the power to regulate where, how, with whom, and even what time we can be.

 Who can apply?

Our residency program is open to applications from artists, linguists, architects/engineers, sociologists/psychologists, and participants from all relevant fields who want to enter a research/production process that will focus and raise awareness around the theme. The artists are expected to present their work at the AYIP festival in Autumn, 2023. 

You can apply to the program individually or as a team of a maximum of 3 people.

Fees and Accommodation

Artist Residency participants will be able to stay and work at Tarlabaşı Campus for 3 to 6 weeks, depending on their needs. Accommodation and studio facilities on campus are free, expenses such as cleaning and food belong to the artists themselves.

Depending on the need, the artist(s) can also spend some time in Assos House.
This will be decided together with the program directors. At Assos House, expenses other than travel and accommodation will be borne by the guest artist.

Support from Saye Collective during your creative process:

Artists from the collective may offer somatic creation exercises to support the residents’ creative process if mutually agreed. These exercises mainly help form a deeper relationship with the body/mind within the context of the theme at hand. Resident artists will also have the chance to present their work or share their process with Saye Collective Artists through online feedback and Q&A sessions.

All decisions regarding the process will be made in accordance with the needs of the resident artists.


6 minute walk to Taksim station, 2 minutes to Arter. 

Bülbül Mah, Taksim

Ayvacık, Assos

Applications are now open for

15 June - 31 July

1 August - 15 September

Application deadline: June 10, 2023


To apply:

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