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Saye Collective Artist Residency Program is a multi-disciplinary program inviting artists who are open for collaborating with artists from other disciplines. This three-week program at Assos Saye House opens space for artists to deepen in their practice, get inspired for new projects, and/or find a new direction for their ongoing projects.


The resident artists practice and produce in relation to Saye Collective’s yearly chosen theme.

The theme for 2022 is Collision

Saye is curious about new possibilities:

The program invites artists to try a new approach within their practice, integrate a new discipline they haven’t worked in before, and look within their personal/artistic life to areas that were so far in the obscure.


Saye functions as a bridge: 

Saye Collective is not bound to any particular place, yet cares about forming lively relationships with its surroundings. We invite the resident artists to create in contact with the mythology, geography, culture, people, and local elements of the area. 


Saye supports fearless expression:

During your time at Saye House, we are inviting you to go out of your comfort zone, put down your armor and bring out your playfulness. We invite you to express your inner conflicts through artistry and create from this vulnerable place. We are more interested in your process as an artist than any finished product. 


Who can apply?

Artists from all over the world working in any discipline (visual arts, dance, performing arts, design and architecture, culinary arts, film and media, traditional arts, handcrafts, literature, music and all other artistic practices that are not mentioned) and at any point in their carrier. 

Applicants should have an appetite to collaborate during their stay at the residency with another artist from a different discipline.

Support from Saye Collective during your creative process at the house:

Artists from the collective may stay at the house for the first week of the program to offer and lead exercises that support the residents’ creative process if mutually agreed. These exercises are mainly somatic practices that help form a deeper relationship with the body/mind within the context of the theme at hand. Resident artists will also have the chance to present their work or share their process with Saye Collective Artists through online feedback and Q&A sessions.


Sharing the Outcome:

If the artists in residence want to share the outcome of their creative process, they are welcome to present it at either

Saye Tarlabaşı Campus in Istanbul or Güre Kazdağı Museum. Depending on the artists’ needs Saye Collective is happy to contact other venues as well. If the artists do not want an open showing at the end of their residency then they are welcome to write a reflection and share their process within a closed group.  

All decisions regarding the process will be made in accordance with the needs of the resident artists.


Fees and Accommodation:

For continuity of the program, we ask the participants to pay 750 TL for three weeks. These funds are used for bills, cleaning, and small renovations. The program can host up to 3 individual artists. Groups of artists up to 4 people that work together or couples who are both artists are welcome to apply as well.



Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a small multi-functional studio space with wooden floor (big enough to move in), open office, garden, terrace. 

WiFi, a screen, speakers, materials for painting, and a few instruments to play with. 



Artists are responsible for their own transportation. 

Saye Collective can offer a shared ride if needed.

Approx. 6 hours from Istanbul by car.


Behramkale/Assos: 14 km

Ayvacık Centre/ Intercity Bus Station: 13 km

Edremit Koca Seyit Airport: 79 km.  


Applications are now open for 15 April - 10 May 2022

Application deadline: 13 March 2022


To apply:

  • Resume and a dossier that contains two of your chosen finished projects;

  • One-pager that reflects your artistic practice and your approach to the theme Collision;

  • A letter of intent (reasons for application and how you are planning to spend your time at the house);

  • Send your applications to and

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