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2022 Theme: Collision

Collision Events @Taksim Campus


Sailing Residency: Language of the Sea


A new space

Color Stain

Growth as the first theme of Saye will not be out of Saye's scope any time soon.

We gave birth to this baby, and now Saye is growing at its own pace with its support from its close family. 
We explored upwards, and sidewards growth; looked at our own roots, relationship patterns, conflicts; we explored the status of "nongrowth" or growing in the "negative". 
We dreamt of a community that is expressive in all kinds of art; we have a long journey ahead of us; all those artists and seekers who supported us on this first step, the dearest thank you's go out to you!


Artist Residency

2 Periods:
Ayfer Dönmez; Serkan Ertekin Summer 2020
Produced a short film: Çocukluğumun Sonu selected for the Prague International Indie Film Festival

Damla Durman, Tamer Temel, Çağıl Kaya Spring 2021


Creative Expression Workshops for the 60+

Patriarcheology Workshop with Laura Strakova 

Somatic Dialogue by Miraç Yiğit Daldikler

Compassionate Sharing Circle + Full Moon Ceremonies


Curated Encounters

2 Periods:
Summer 2020, 2021
A process within, a process with out together with a group 15 Saye members.

Collaboration with Güneşin Aydemir @Buğday Derneği 
and Merve Kılıçer's Alanını Belirle in Güre.


"SAYE Kolektif is what art should be - collaborative, generous, and rich with meaning. They welcomed me with such warmth and grace on Patriarcheology - a project that took us all on a beautifully unexpected journey through our hearts,  heads, and bodies to explore the voices that inhabit us and inhibit us. What began as an idea matured into a project that was bold, profound, and fun. And what began as a collaboration became a friendship of the best kind."
Laura Strakova


2020-21 Theme: Growth

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