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This Turkish word is a hard one to translate
here is our take:
faulty fault
other translations are welcome

2023 Theme: AYIP

We are an international arts community. We work on a selected theme each year. This year our word is AYIP, derived from ayb in Arabic. 

We curate experiences and encounters with people. We have short lived (Curated events) or longer lived (artist in residency) connections. 

We value genuine expression and collective creation in our gatherings.
We like diving deep into the process.

We are cross-disciplinary and inclusive.
We believe in the wisdom of the body.

We function as a bridge:
A compassionate sharing platform between cities, cultures, generations, genders, disciplines,

and creative people from all backgrounds.

We are located in Taksim and Assos.  Write to us if you want to dig deep on AYIP and possible co-created projects.

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