Abstract Blur

We are an international arts community.

We curate experiences and encounters with people.

We value genuine expression and collective creation.
We like diving deep into the process.

We are cross-disciplinary and inclusive.
We believe in the wisdom of the body,

both at the individual and the collective level,

We function as a bridge:
A compassionate sharing platform between cultures, generations, genders, disciplines,

and creative people from all backgrounds.

2022 Theme: COLLISION

In 2022 Saye embraces the moment we are in. We are not going to process. We are not going to reflect or try to learn the lessons of these uncertain times. Not just yet. For now, we are going to get better at staying in it. Experience the difference. The clash. The impact. Let it happen. Let it in.

2022 Events Line-up

  • Creative Expression Workshop II: Collision
    19, 26 February - 5, 12 March
    19, 26 February - 5, 12 March
    Join us for this year's online creative gathering. This time it is open to all ages!